The Stanwell to Gladstone Infrastructure Corridor SDA and its associated development scheme:

  • support the delivery of essential services throughout the region to serve key resource, resource processing and support industries
  • enable the efficient transportation of industrial materials throughout the area
  • provide guidance and development certainty to industry
  • ensure efficient use of the land
  • discourage project-specific pipeline routes outside the designated corridor
  • reduce the disruption of investigations and construction on individual landowners, surrounding communities and the environment that would otherwise occur if multiple pipeline routes was sought on a project-by-project basis.

The following criteria were taken into consideration to ensure the Stanwell to Gladstone Infrastructure Corridor SDA provides an optimal corridor alignment.

  • Maximising the potential to consolidate compatible infrastructure.
  • Ease of access for construction and operations.
  • Avoiding terrain constraints to minimise construction constraints.
  • Minimal disturbance to existing landholders and land use.
  • Minimal disturbance to areas of known ecological value or heritage values.
  • Minimal disturbance to existing third party infrastructure such as road crossings.
  • Minimising the corridor length between the Stanwell Energy Plant/Rockhampton and the Gladstone SDA.