On 11 July 2017 the Queensland Government announced the potential of a Cairns South State development area (SDA).

The Coordinator-General has identified a shortfall in suitable existing industrial land for regionally significant industrial development in the Cairns region.

To identify suitable land, the Coordinator-General considered economic development opportunities, physical and environmental constraints, environmental and community impacts, and infrastructure requirements.

As a result on these investigations, an area to the south of Cairns has been identified as a potential SDA. This area includes land suitable for intermodal/freight related industry, regionally significant industry, agriculture and environmental areas.

The potential Cairns South SDA is located:

  • south of Cairns and north of Gordonvale at Wrights Creek
  • from the Bruce Highway in the west to Mackey Creek in the east
  • from Frances Road in the north to Hall Road in the south.

A potential Cairns South SDA boundary map (PDF icon 265 KB) has been prepared which identifies the location.

Further information about the need for an SDA and the suitability of the potential location is included in the Potential Cairns South SDA Overview – July 2017 (PDF icon 13.4 MB) and Potential Cairns South SDA – Fact Sheet July 2017 (PDF icon 655 KB)

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The public consultation period is now closed and the Coordinator-General is considering all submissions.

Development Scheme

At this time, the Coordinator-General is only investigating the suitability of the area for the establishment of an SDA. Should a Cairns South SDA be declared, then a draft development scheme will be prepared for consultation.

A development scheme is a planning instrument specific to an SDA. It is used by the Coordinator-General to assess and decide SDA applications for development.

SDA development schemes function in a similar manner to a local government planning scheme, by outlining the types of development which are regulated and the criteria which development is assessed against.

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