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Defence Industries Queensland at LAND FORCES 2016

Land Forces 2016 was held in Adelaide, South Australia, from 6-8 September. The event showcased technology, equipment and services related to the land defence sector and attracted key local and international defence personnel, government representatives, equipment suppliers and industry leaders in the field of land warfare capability.

Queensland Government stand

Defence Industries Queensland exhibited at the event hosting the Queensland Government stand with 13 Queensland industry partners. Joining us on the stand were:

Craig International Ballistics
Craig International Ballistics is a Queensland-based manufacturer and leading supplier of body armour to police forces and the Australian Defence Force. The company also produces high-quality cash-in-transit vehicles and represents American Glass Products in Australia.

Downs Sheet Metal
Downs Sheet Metal (DSM) is an Australian-owned Company, based in Queensland servicing customers throughout Australia, including Defence and other international companies. The company specialises in the manufacturing industry using high quality, Australian-sourced materials to make superior products.

Ferra Engineering
Ferra is a global organisation with its headquarters in Queensland and offices in the USA and India. Ferra partners with local and overseas commercial aerospace companies and defence forces to develop programs, establish platforms and provide an ever-increasing range of highly specialised products and engineering services.

ImmersaView Pty Ltd
ImmersaView is a global leader in visualization software with offices in Brisbane, Sydney, London and Orlando. The company provides SimVisuals, a leading-edge visual software for multi-projector displays and VADAAR, a software framework that enables streaming, recording and reviewing of video, audio and data sources. Customers include global automotive manufacturers; Australian, US and Canadian defence forces; and major defence and simulation suppliers.

Laserdyne Pty Ltd
Laserdyne develops and manufactures electro-optic systems including laser rangefinders, video recorders and flat-panel displays for military and paramilitary applications. The company's products are deployed on ground vehicles, ship decks and helicopters and are designed for use in extreme conditions.

L3-Micreo's core business is the design and manufacture of RF and photonic products primarily deployed in Electronic warfare and Self Protection Systems. L3-Micreo has extensive domestic and export success as a supplier to global aerospace and defence-related organisations. L3-Micreo also has a well-proven, high-quality electronic build-to-print capability and is able to undertake the repair and maintenance of complex third party RF products.

PJ Bowers
PJ Bowers is a Gold Coast-based company specialising in Neolon Foam stickyback products and computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining for expansion joint construction, building and retail markets.

Rhino Linings
Rhino Linings develop protective coating products for retail, commercial and industrial applications. The company produces high-performance hybrid polyurethanes, pure polyuria and epoxys, and provides solutions to industrial abrasion, corrosion, containment, impact and chemical attack problems.

STEYR Motors Australia
STEYR Motors provide a range of motors for the marine and automotive industries. The company offers environmentally-friendly hybrid solutions that deliver low-speed manoeuvring, as well as automotive diesel engines used extensively in military and light commercial operations.

TAE Gas Turbines
TAE is Australasia's leading provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) for turbine engines. Services include aerospace engineering, advanced manufacturing, avionics, fuel and electrical component maintenance, aircraft wheels and brakes, materials sales and cutting edge high tech product sales.

Thompson Couplings Limited
Thompson Couplings is an Australian designed and patented manufacturer of high quality, reliable and durable alignment eliminator couplings and constant velocity joints. These require minimal or no maintenance and offer easy and quick installation, reduced downtime and operating costs, and long running life, and come with a three-year warranty. They are suited to harsh operating environments and can be easily incorporated in any design plan or operating drive system, or retro fitted as part of a replacement or upgrade. The couplings and joints can be used across the Defence platform in land, air and naval applications.

VEHiQA Integrated Vehicle Intelligence
VEHiQA is part of the Nautech Electronics Group and represents the group's Integrated Vehicle Intelligence element. VEHiQA supplies the world's emergency services industry with innovative technology solutions and quality products, including electronics contract manufacturing capability.

Volvo Group Governmental Sales Oceania
Volvo Group Governmental Sales Oceania (VGGSO) specialises in vehicle sales to Defence, Internal Security and Emergency Services customers encompassing group brands ACMAT, Mack Defense, Panhard, and Renault Trucks Defence. VGGSO offers mobility solutions from 5 tonne to 42 tonne to support tactical, logistical and armoured missions. VGGSO also delivers the entire range of Volvo Group products including commercial brands Mack Trucks, UD Trucks, Volvo Trucks, Volvo Bus, Volvo Construction Equipment and Volvo Penta.

The Queensland Government stand at Land Forces 2016

Hear what some of our stand partners had to say about their participation with Defence Industries Queensland at Land Forces 2016.

Craig International Ballistics

Downs Sheet Metal

Ferra Engineering

LaserDYNE Pty Ltd

P.J. Bowers Pty Ltd

Rhino Linings

Steyr Motors Australia

TAE Gas Turbines

Thompson Couplings Limited

Volvo Group Governmental Sales Oceania

Volvo Group-DIQld Defence and industry leaders' function

On 6 September 2016, Defence Industries Queensland, in association with Volvo Group Governmental Sales Oceania, hosted a reception for Defence and business leaders.

The reception was attended by more than 100 representatives from industry and the Australian Defence Force. Keynote addresses were delivered by First Assistant Secretary Defence Industry Policy Kate Louis, General Manager Volvo Group Governmental Sales Oceania Keith Harding, and Queensland's Defence Industries and Aerospace Envoy Lindsay Pears.

Photo gallery

Queensland Government Defence and business leaders' networking breakfast

On Wednesday 7 September 2016, Defence Industries Queensland held a networking breakfast for more than 80 Defence, government and industry representatives at Land Forces 2016.

The Minister for State Development Dr Anthony Lynham MP delivered a keynote address which emphasised the government's support of, and Queensland's growing role in, defence industry and innovation. The Department of State Development's Director-General Michael Schaumburg and Queensland's Defence Industries and Aerospace Envoy Lindsay Pears also spoke at the event about future opportunities for Queensland.

Following the breakfast, the Minister took time to visit companies exhibiting at Land Forces 2016.

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Queensland - a strong land defence sector

The Queensland Government was proud to see the state's capability in the land defence sector showcased at Land Forces 2016. Queensland's significant and growing defence presence has generated a considerable and capable network of supporting industries.

We believe in Queensland's ability to deliver high quality products and services to Australian and international defence forces and, combined with the strong military presence in Queensland, the state is well-positioned as Australia's front line for defence industries.

Defence Industries Queensland is always interested in the success of our Queensland companies, so we look forward to hearing about any positive leads or business generated at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Twitter updates

See our Twitter feed for Land Forces 2016 updates posted by Queensland Defence Industries and use the hashtag #LandForces16 or @LandForces16 for event-specific updates.