Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) identifies innovation opportunities to deliver environmentally, socially and economically sustainable communities in Queensland.

EDQ's dedicated innovation team works with governments, industry and universities to research and demonstrate innovative technologies and initiatives.

By identifying future industry challenges and opportunities we're helping Queensland's development sector to be more innovative.

Planning for the future

EDQ's innovation team delivers trial and demonstration projects that are commercially viable, resource efficient, climate resilient and future ready. New and emerging technology can be complex and disruptive. We help to manage this through fact finding, identifying new opportunities and facilitating projects.

Innovation priorities

EDQ examines trends in planning and development and identifies ways innovation can be used as a catalyst for growth. Our innovation priorities include:

  • clean energy: from large-scale solar to 'behind the meter' renewables (i.e. development side)
  • design innovation: creative approaches to planning and development
  • digital connectivity: maximising the benefits of technology by connecting people and developments
  • innovation and knowledge precinct strategies: focusing on new knowledge and job creation
  • sustainable resource use: creating efficient developments for a better future
  • transport and mobility strategies: advancing connectivity for EDQ developments.

EDQ innovation projects

EDQ continues to innovate across our portfolio of projects, from pioneering small lot development at Fitzgibbon Chase (see below), to identifying solar farm opportunities on future industrial land (see Aldoga Renewable Energy Project). We have also gained UDIA EnviroDevelopment Five or Six Leaf accreditations for many of our projects.

Other key innovation demonstrations include:

Eat Street Northshore carpark

Wireless solar+battery remote controlled lights have been installed in the carpark next to Eat Street Northshore. The relocatable infrastructure  means the technology can be cost effectively moved and used at other sites in the future. This project provides significant cost savings and flexibility with lighting infrastructure.

eat street carpark

Australia's first Electric Vehicle infrastructure planning guide

The Electric Vehicle (EV) is an innovative technology that presents a unique opportunity for Queensland. To encourage uptake, a network of EV charging infrastructure is required to allow uninhibited long-distance travel. EDQ has published a planning guide to assist government authorities, town planners, developers and landholders looking at installing EV charging infrastructure.

Download EDQ's Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure guide (PDF icon 1.89 MB)

electric vehicle charge station

The Nest. Live upstairs. Work downstairs

Innovative urban and building design comes into play at The Nest at Fitzgibbon Chase. This unique Brisbane precinct combines two-storey business and residential opportunities. The development includes a downstairs floorplan which offers a dedicated work space or retail area with street frontage, and a one or two-bedroom residential space upstairs.

nest live upstairs work downstairs