Building and Development Dispute Resolution Committees hear matters relating to building development approvals, inspection of building work, classification of buildings, pool fencing and fire safety for budget accommodation.

If an applicant receives a decision notice they are not satisfied with, they must start an appeal within 20 business days of the day the notice is given. For enforcement notices issued in relation to a dangerous building or structure, appeals must be started within five business days.

Appeals must be started within the time frames set by the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (pdf 2.6 MB).

Appeals against building development applications and approvals

Appeals can be lodged against a decision notice issued in relation to a building development application. Some examples include:

An appeal may also be lodged where the assessment manager fails to decide an application within the required timeframes (deemed refusal).

Appeals can also be lodged against enforcement notices and information notices issued under the Building Act 1975.

Further information

For further information contact the Building and Development Dispute Resolution Committees.