Following the publication of the Coordinator-General's report on the EIS or IAR, the proponent may ask the Coordinator-General to evaluate a proposed change to the project and/or a condition of approval for the project.

The application for project change must contain:

Public consultation on application

Depending on the nature of the change, the Coordinator-General may require the project proponent to seek comments on the change from state government advisory agencies and the public.

This consultation process is similar to the one that applies to the draft EIS or draft IAR. The proponent may be asked to respond to the submissions received.

Find more information on how to have your say on an application for project change (PDF icon 132 KB).

Evaluation of project change

In evaluating the proposed change to the project, the Coordinator-General considers:

Change report

Following his evaluation, the Coordinator-General prepares a change report. The report may state conditions or make recommendations, including amendments to conditions or recommendations set down in the Coordinator-General's report on the EIS or IAR.

If the two reports conflict, the change report prevails to the extent of any perceived inconsistency.

Change reports lapse at the same time as the corresponding Coordinator-General's report on the EIS or IAR, unless the change report specifically states another date.

Public notification of report

The Coordinator-General's change report is published on the department's website.

Also, agencies, organisations and individuals who made submissions on the application for project change are advised in writing of the report's release.


There are fees associated with applications for a project change and the Coordinator-General's change report.