We're invested in the future of manufacturing in Queensland.

By 2026, we want Queensland to become a recognised leader - nationally and internationally - for its advanced manufacturing technologies, products, systems and services.

To get there, we've developed the Queensland Advanced Manufacturing 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan (PDF icon 5.6 MB) to grow the manufacturing industry and ensure it's a driver of innovation and productivity in the economy.

The Roadmap closely aligns with the Made in Queensland program, a $40 million state-wide manufacturing program dedicated to supporting Queensland's manufacturing industry. In addition, the Roadmap is investing up to $7.6 million over three years to speed up the state's transition from traditional to advanced manufacturing.

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What is advanced manufacturing?

Advanced manufacturing incorporates niche market products and a range of activities from design and research and development (R&D), to production, distribution and after-sales services. It focuses not only on products but also on value-adding across the entire supply chain and includes:

The future of manufacturing in Queensland

To be innovative and technologically advanced, the industry must continue transitioning from broad-based to advanced manufacturing. To support this systemic shift, it is essential that the state's manufacturing businesses are able to operate within a predictable business environment that encourages innovation, investment and growth.

The Queensland Government is strongly committed to providing an environment where the state's manufacturing industry can grow, diversify, and deliver stronger economic, regional and employment growth. The government will seek to strategically position the state as an internationally recognised location for niche manufacturing capabilities, products, services and solutions.