Remote Area Boards (RABs) undertake development activities in remote regions of Queensland. RABs bring together key economic development stakeholders to provide a single voice on strategic issues, and act as a community forum to decide economic priorities.

RABs are recognised as playing a strong enabling role in delivering economic projects and collaborating on strategic priorities in remote areas with limited resources.

Funding the RABs supports regional economic development projects and employment opportunities and maintains economic coordination and capability.

Queensland has five RABs:

2018-21 funding

Funding of $2.25 million (GST exclusive) over three years was announced on 29 August 2018 to support the RABs to undertake economic development projects in their remote regions

Each RAB initially had access to $150,000 for approved projects. The remaining funding is to cover the period until 2020-2021.

2016-18 funding

Between July 2016 and June 2018, the department provided $1 million (GST exclusive) to support delivery of economic development projects in remote regional communities.