The Market-Led Proposal (MLP) framework is an innovative pathway for businesses and government to work together. They are an initiative of the government’s economic plan to create jobs and stimulate the economy by harnessing good ideas, private sector funding and entrepreneurship to develop projects that benefit Queenslanders by contracting exclusively with proponents rather than through a competitive tender process.

The efficient, staged and interactive assessment process is coordinated by an experienced group of Treasury staff and makes it easy for you to align your proposal with government interests and commitments.

We are actively seeking proposals that meet the MLP criteria and we’re ready to engage with those who are ready to take advantage of the opportunity.

What is a Market-Led Proposal?

A Market-Led Proposal (MLP) is a proposal from the private sector seeking an exclusive commercial arrangement with government to provide a service or infrastructure to meet a community need.

MLPs always include a role for government such as access to government land, assets, information or networks. In return, MLPs are expected to provide benefits to government and/or the Queensland community. MLPs are usually “low risk – low cost” for government and must meet the MLP assessment criteria. A successful MLP will result in government contracting directly with a proponent so there must be a clear justification that this approach is in the public interest.

The government recognises the value of innovative ideas and strongly encourages proponents to bring forward proposals for consideration. If a proposal is a good idea but does not meet the MLP criteria, it may be progressed in another way. For example:

  • inviting a proponent to meet with government to discuss or consider other opportunities
  • considering the proposal under alternative mechanisms, such as government grant funding programs
  • further considering or developing the proposal as part of the ongoing operations of relevant government agencies
  • proceeding with the proposal via a competitive procurement process.

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