Independent craft brewing is emerging as a vibrant and dynamic sector. It’s growing quickly too, with significant potential to expand locally, nationally and internationally. Queensland’s craft brewers are perfectly positioned to capitalise on the strong reputation of their products, which are already recognised for their brewing techniques and use of artisanal ingredients.

The Queensland Craft Brewing Strategy (PDF icon 3.72 MB) is a first for Australia, created to support the sector’s rapid expansion. The strategy seeks to maximise benefits to the state through job creation, enhanced local communities, increased investment and regional growth.

We’ve consulted with local industry and other stakeholders to create three priorities as part of our strategy:

  • Priority 1: Investing in people and infrastructure
  • Priority 2: Improving access to markets
  • Priority 3: Appropriate regulation and planning

These support the independent craft brewing industry to develop its capability and capacity, access new markets and increase its economic contribution.

While many positive benefits exist from promoting and supporting the craft brewing sector, the government will work with industry to maintain the integrity of our policy on the responsible consumption of alcohol.

The Queensland Craft Brewing Strategy is another way we’re invested in manufacturing, an industry that significantly contributes to our state’s growing economy. Through this industry, we’re creating direct and indirect jobs, attracting private sector investment and facilitating innovation.

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