Applications close 27 June

Are you a Queensland-based business wanting to attract new national and international clients to use your services to develop their biomedical product?

Applications are now open for round two of the Queensland Biomedical Voucher Program. Be quick - applications close 27 June.

We're offering Queensland-based biomedical businesses up to 50% of the fees they would charge to a national or international client to develop its biomedical product in Queensland, up to a cap of $250,000 (excluding GST). The national or international client must meet the other 50% of the costs.

What kinds of biomedical services are eligible for funding?

  • Design development and validation services.
  • Prototype building and testing.
  • Contract development and/or manufacturing services.
  • Contract research, specialist advice or professional services.
  • Commercialisation advice and services.
  • The cost of small items of plant and equipment needed to provide the biomedical services.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible to apply, you must be a Queensland-based business providing biomedical services to support the development of biomedical products.

Additionally, your:

  • services must form a discrete project and not be a continuation of existing work between the service provider and client
  • services must be delivered at a physical location in Queensland
  • biomedical product being developed must be clearly defined.

How does it work?

Queensland-based biomedical service providers

  • Provide a quote to the interstate or international company for services to support the development of a biomedical product.
  • Apply for up to $250,000 (excluding GST) in matched funding to provide the quoted services to the client.
  • If successful, be prepared to complete the services within 18 months of executing a funding agreement with the State of Queensland.

Out-of-state clients

  • Get a quote from a Queensland-based biomedical service provider for services that support the development of your biomedical product.
  • The Queensland-based biomedical service provider will apply for up to $250,000 (excluding GST) in matched funding to provide the quoted services.
  • If successful, be prepared to complete the project with the service provider within 18 months of the service provider entering a funding agreement with the State of Queensland.

How do I apply?

Step 1: read the guidelines (PDF icon 1 MB) for applicants

Step 2: read the frequently asked questions (PDF icon 900 KB)

Step 3: view the funding agreement template (PDF icon 331 KB). The department reserves the right to amend and update this template funding agreement from time to time, and may include additional or alternative funding terms and conditions for individual recipients having regards to the nature and scope of the services undertaken by the individual recipients.

Step 4: apply