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General Integrated Resort Development FAQs

See also Gold Coast specific FAQs

What is an integrated resort development (IRD)?

An IRD is a high quality mixed-use destination aimed at providing tourism, leisure and entertainment facilities that appeal to a broad demographic, focussing especially on the international tourist market. Such developments have significant potential to inject extensive direct and indirect benefits to the economy, community and the state. They may also include casinos and offer gaming activities integrated with other service offerings that go beyond the traditional stand-alone casino.

An Integrated Resort Development could include:

  • iconic architecture with extensive master-planned public realm
  • five to six star globally recognised hotels and apartments
  • resort-style features including pools, lagoons, beauty salons, day-spas and gyms
  • convention and seminar facilities
  • theatres, cinemas and entertainment spaces
  • signature/celebrity food and beverage establishments, and
  • high-end boutique retail.

What is the IRD procurement process?

What does the IRD process involve?

Is the process subject to an independent review?

Against what legislation is an IRD with a casino assessed?

How long does this approval process take?

Are all IRDs with casinos in Queensland assessed the same?

What is included in the Request for Detailed Proposal (RFDP) documentation?

Why are the IRD processes on these developments so in-depth?

Does an IRD need to have a casino?

How do you obtain a casino license?

Is the process for a casino license the same in every state?

Do citizens get to lodge their opinions on proposed IRD development?

Are there plans for other integrated resort developments elsewhere in Queensland?

Is there another process through which potential developers can apply for a casino licence?

What happens if one, two or all three proponents fail to get approval?

What is a Probity and Process Deed?

Gold Coast specific FAQs

Given termination of the ASF Integrated Resort Development proposal for the Spit is the government supportive of a Gold Coast cruise ship terminal?

Is a Gold Coast casino licence still on offer, following the termination of ASF’s Spit proposal (1 Aug 2017)?

Is the government now looking to a Master Planning process in the Spit area?

What is the Queensland Government now proposing for The Spit parkland?