Lindsay Packer on the tannery floor inspecting kangaroo skins bound for manufacturing as high quality leather products
Lindsay Packer on the tannery floor inspecting kangaroo skins bound for manufacturing as high quality leather products

Packer Leather Pty Ltd, a fifth generation family business, based in Narangba has been chosen as Queensland’s Exporter of the Year 2015.

Established in 1891, Packer Leather has become the leading manufacturer of kangaroo leathers worldwide. It annually exports more than 50,000m² of kangaroo skins, where it is manufactured into performance sports gear for the likes of Adidas, Nike and Asics, as well as luxury products for Louis Vuitton.

The company proudly occupies a unique position of being internationally recognised as a leading market supplier of kangaroo leather and expects its exports in the Asian region will continue to grow by 10 per cent this year. It has been supplying skins to Asia for more than 35 years and employs 120 local staff, an 8 per cent increase in staff numbers over the last 12 months.

Packer Leather understands the demand faced by any business for continual product and process improvement which is backed up by the company’s $1million per year investment in research and product development to ensure a stream of leading edge products for international markets.

The company has welcomed assistance from government officers over the last ten years to enhance global competiveness, facilitate supply chain opportunities and to introduce new and innovative manufacturing processes such as water jet cutting.

Packer Leather is investing in the latest manufacturing equipment technology to not only support this export growth but also to improve energy efficiencies, up skill staff and ensure the product quality expected by global brands.

Mark Hourigan, International Marketing and Sales Manager, Packer Leather Pty Ltd said, “the Department of State Development provided valuable support for manufacturing in this region with access to training, information seminars and enabling liaison with decision makers. All made possible by qualified staff in the department who have a good understanding of the needs of business”.

Previously Packer Leather won the Tom Burns Export Award for Excellence in the Asia-Pacific region at the 2014 Premier’s Export awards and was one of ten finalists for the prestigious World Tannery of the Year in 2014.

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