Investment opportunities

Investment opportunities

  • Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) works with state government agencies and our partners to develop land in mixed use urban renewal precincts, including commercial, education and innovation precincts.

    Vibrant hubs including Northshore and the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct are bringing exciting opportunities to the local community, creating jobs and unique investment prospects.

    EDQ has land for sale for commercial development within these hubs.


    Located between Brisbane's CBD and airport, Northshore is Queensland’s largest urban renewal precinct. Over the next 40 years this area of State-owned industrial port land is being transformed into a vibrant $5 billion destination.

    Fifty hectares of land is available for sale and staged development, which can be reconfigured to suit the needs of developers, investors and occupants.

    EDQ is the planning authority and delivers site supporting infrastructure.EDQ northshore land for sale

    Download map of available land at Northshore (PDF icon 532 KB)

    View Northshore Hamilton PDA

    Find out more about Northshore

    More information

    For more information about EDQ's land for sale at Northshore phone 1300 088 534.

    Lumina at Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct

    Lumina is a 9.5-hectare commercial cluster based within the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct in Southport dedicated to life sciences, health and technology related businesses.

    As landowner, master developer and planning authority, EDQ is facilitating the development of Lumina’s premium development-ready land to deliver an innovation-based community over the next 10 to 15 years.

    This is the only opportunity to secure land or space within the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct and be located within a world-class health and innovation hub that is already home to a research-intensive university, a clinically-driven teaching hospital, a cutting-edge private hospital and Cohort, a coworking and innovation space.

    The Lumina master plan provides for up to 200,000m2 of internal space across a range of development ready sites. Lot sizes range from 1500m2 to 15,300m2 and can be reconfigured to suit the needs of occupants.

    Lumina t Gold Coast Hospital Precinct - land for sale

    Download map of available land at Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct (PDF icon 275 KB)

    More information

    For more information about EDQ's land for sale at Lumina visit the Lumina website.

  • This process offers a pathway for complex private sector commercial proposals to seek an exclusive mandate with government. These proposals must provide a service or deliver infrastructure that aligns with Queensland Government priorities and demonstrate a strong potential of being delivered.

    Proposals are to include a role for government and must provide additional benefits to government and/or the Queensland community. They need to demonstrate value for money for Queensland and must present a clear justification as to why they should be considered under an exclusive arrangement as opposed to procurement through a competitive process.

    An exclusive transaction must:

    • align with government priorities
    • justify its exclusive dealing with government
    • represent value for money
    • be financially feasible with an investor that has the financial and technical capacity, capability and experience to deliver the proposal.

    Assessment criteria

    A proposal must satisfy the following assessment criteria:

    Investment alignment

    Investment proposals are to align with the Queensland Government’s priorities. Proposals that contribute directly to the achievement of these priorities will be highly regarded. For more information on the Queensland Government’s priorities, please visit Our Future State: Advancing Queensland’s Priorities

    Exclusive dealing

    The Queensland Government usually conducts a competitive process when procuring goods and services or making government assets available. However, an exclusive transaction provides investors with the opportunity to contract directly with the government if it can be clearly justified the investment is in the best interests of the public.

    Value for money

    A proposal must demonstrate that it represents good value for money. Value for money is achieved when the outcomes and benefits from the project are clearly of greater value than the risk and cost of what is being sought from government.

    Proposals are expected to have an acceptable cost/risk allocation for government.

    An investment proposal that seeks to attribute project risk or cost to government will have to demonstrate significant benefits to Queensland, in proportion to the level of risk and cost proposed.

    Investment ready

    An investor must demonstrate that they have the financial capacity and technical capability to deliver the proposal successfully. Government will evaluate:

    • an investor’s financial capacity to deliver and support the proposal, including the financial capacity of their prospective contractors and equity and debt providers, to meet the project’s financial obligations
    • investor’s capability, capacity and experience to deliver the project, and if relevant, to operate the proposed infrastructure or service
    • the robustness and reasonableness of financial assumptions and project risks
    • the technical, legal and commercial feasibility of the proposal.

    How we can assist

    Our department will provide:

    • a clear and coordinated entry point for industry proposals and requests for support
    • personal engagement to explore proposals and guidance on how they are best progressed within government
    • priority for proposals and investors who have a demonstrated capacity to convert ideas into reality in a timely manner
    • a single cross agency panel that will oversee the assessment of, and recommendations for, private proposals that involve direct negotiations with government.

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    Our customised service is available now. Please contact us:

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  • Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) develops, sells and leases industrial real estate in over 20 locations in Queensland.

    Our industrial portfolio covers almost 20,000 hectares of land across the state, including fully developed estates and undeveloped parcels. View all industrial land for sale

    Our land suits a cross-section of industries, including businesses in logistics, manufacturing, processing and supporting activities.

    Our guidelines and application forms will assist with the purchasing and leasing process.

    There are a wide variety of lot sizes available, please contact us on 1300 331 902 to discuss site details.

    South East Queensland

    Coolum Eco Industrial Park

    Crestmead Industrial Estate

    Dalby Industrial Estate

    Laidley Industrial Estate

    Narangba Industrial Estate

    Sunshine Coast Industrial Park

    Warwick Industrial Estate

    Wulkuraka Industrial Estate

    Yandina Industrial Estate

    North Queensland

    Bohle Industrial Estate

    Innisfail Industrial Estate

    Mica Creek Industrial Estate

    Nordale Industrial Estate

    Salisbury Plains Industrial Estate

    South Mackay Industrial Estate

    Woree Business and Industry Park

    Central Queensland

    Aldoga, Gladstone State Development Area

    Bundaberg Industrial Estate

    Clinton Industrial Estate

    Moonaboola Industrial Estate, Maryborough

    Parkhurst Industrial Estate, Rockhampton

    Yarwun, Gladstone State Development Area

    Grants and funding

    To further support industries in Queensland, the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning has grants and funding programs that may be of assistance. For more information visit:

    Made in Queensland

    Advance Queensland Industry Attraction Fund

    Jobs and Regional Growth Fund

    Resource Recovery Industry Development Program

    Queensland Government grants finder


    To enquire about industrial land call 1300 331 902.

  • There are a number of public and private sector infrastructure pipelines providing industry, potential investors and all levels of government with information about infrastructure projects currently underway.

    Additional pipelines will be added to this page in the near future.

    Queensland Government

    Building Queensland Infrastructure Pipeline Report
    Building Queensland’s infrastructure pipeline report presents an independent view of both economic and social infrastructure proposals where the estimated capital cost is expected to be greater than $50 million. The report is updated and released biannually.

    Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program 2017–18 to 2020–21 (QTRIP)
    The Department of Transport and Main Roads investment program outlines current and planned investments in transport and road infrastructure over the next four years. Updated annually, QTRIP includes roads, bridges, railways, marine infrastructure and public transport solutions.

    Australian Government

    Infrastructure Australia – Infrastructure Priority List
    The Infrastructure Australia - Infrastructure Priority List is a prioritised list of nationally significant investments. It provides decision makers with advice and guidance on specific infrastructure investments that will underpin Australia’s continued prosperity.

    Industry and business

    2017 Major Projects Pipeline Report (QMCA, IAQ and CSQ)
    The Queensland Major Contractor’s Association (QMCA), Infrastructure Association Queensland (IAQ) and Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) report identifies $39.1 billion of major engineering construction projects in Queensland, of which almost $20 billion is contributed through private funding. It takes a five year outlook of funded and unfunded projects.

    Australia & New Zealand Infrastructure Pipeline (ANZIP)
    Infrastructure Partnerships Australia’s ANZIP focuses on construction activity greater than $300 million, along with investable greenfield and brownfield opportunities above $100 million.

  • One way to achieve strong jobs growth and sustainable economic development is to support and encourage increased private investment into the economy.

    In Queensland, tailored support is available for major investment ideas and business proposals that demonstrate a strong potential of being delivered and that align with the government’s priorities. For more information on the government’s priorities, please visit:

    Support provided by the department to qualified private investors includes:

    Our team will engage with you to explore your proposal and identify a tailored pathway to move it forward.

    Project examples - proposals under facilitation

    Learn more about the types of proposals that are currently receiving investment facilitation support.

    Project examples – projects being delivered

    Learn more about the types of projects that have successfully received investment facilitation support and are now under construction.

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    Our customised service is available now. Please contact us:

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