Priority industries

Priority industries

  • The Queensland Government established Defence Jobs Queensland to support the state's defence industry. We are working hard to promote a smart, connected and efficient defence industry that will deliver to your requirements. Queensland has an approachable, highly skilled and professional workforce that is globally competitive, and we can help you tap into this.

    Whether you are purchasing products and services for a national or international defence force or security provider, or are from an organisation looking to participate in or develop defence supply chains, we'll work with you to find solutions that will help you meet your objectives.

    How we can help you

    We'll keep you up to date on the latest defence industry news, events and resources. Follow us on Twitter.

    If you're a Queensland company already working, or wanting to work, in the defence industries, we are happy to discuss your defence needs. Please contact us.

    If you're a defence contractor, we can help you find the capabilities you're looking for. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    If you work in the heavy vehicle sector, request to join the Queensland Heavy Vehicle Network by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive updates about promotional opportunities and events.

    We run and promote a range of workshops and events designed to upskill or provide information to businesses working or wishing to work in defence. View our events calendar.

    We collaborate with a wide network of organisations that support Queensland's work in the defence sector. View our useful contacts and defence-related programs pages for more information.

    We have a comprehensive defence directory to help you find companies with defence capability in Queensland.

    How you can help us

    Share your success! If you're a Queensland organisation working in the defence sector with a good news story to share, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This could be your involvement in a defence project, receipt of an award, development of a new technology, development of a new partnership, or defence contract won.

    Let us know if your organisation has any photo or video opportunities coming up that can help us showcase Queensland's facilities, capabilities and projects by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Add your company details to our defence directory.

    Give us your feedback. Whether it's to do with our website, events, newsletter or other activities, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • We're invested in the future of manufacturing in Queensland

    Our Vision

    By 2026, Queensland will be international market leaders in the delivery of advanced manufacturing technologies, systems, products and services that are innovative, sustainable, and embedded in local and global supply chains.

    Consistent with the Advance Queensland initiative, the Queensland Government is committed to supporting the state's manufacturing industry, which is a major contributor to jobs and the economy.

    We recognise the importance of the manufacturing industry to the state’s continued growth, and we also recognise that our manufacturers operate in a dynamic and rapidly changing environment.

    Advanced Manufacturing 10 Year Roadmap and Action Plan

    This is why the Queensland Government has updated the Advanced Manufacturing 10 Year Roadmap and Action Plan (PDF icon 1.8 MB) that sets us on path for the future.

    Manufacturing roadmap action plan and strategies

    The Roadmap contains 17 actions that target 4 key areas to position Queensland as a leader in advanced manufacturing technologies, products, systems and services.

    The Advanced Manufacturing Roadmap closely aligns with the Made In Queensland program, a statewide manufacturing program dedicated to supporting Queensland's manufacturing industry. Government will work with local manufacturers to help them to increase their international productivity and competitiveness, and adopt innovative processes and technologies.

    The roadmap reflects the importance for the industry to embrace Industry 4.0, the fourth revolution in manufacturing.

    We also established a Ministerial Manufacturing Council comprising manufacturing industry leaders to provide expert advice to ensure the Queensland manufacturing sector remains on a strong growth trajectory to become more globally competitive.

    The Department has also partnered with TAFE Queensland to establish manufacturing hubs in Townsville, Rockhampton and Cairns to support manufacturers to become more productive and grow their businesses. Read more about the delivery model for the manufacturing hubs here (PDF icon 10 MB).

    Manufacturing matters to Queensland.

    Stay informed

    To keep up to date with advanced manufacturing in Queensland email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Queensland aerospace roadmap

    The Queensland Aerospace 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan (PDF icon 7.3 MB), part of the Advance Queensland initiative, is the Queensland Government’s plan to capitalise on the opportunities available to Queensland aerospace businesses. It will accelerate the pace of growth in both the civilian and defence aerospace sectors, and help them to create the high paid, sustainable jobs of the future.

    Queensland aerospace

    The Queensland Government is committed to supporting the state's rapidly developing and innovative aerospace industry.

    Aerospace is the technology and support systems that enable flight of all civil and military aircraft – aeroplanes, helicopters and remotely piloted aircraft. It includes the design, development, manufacture, modification, testing, operation and maintenance of flight vehicles and their on-board and ground systems.

    Queensland is well-known as an aviation hub of the Asia-Pacific region, attracting a number of global leaders in the civil and defence aviation area. Queensland's existing strength in this complementary industry sector gives the state a distinct advantage for further development in the aerospace field.

    Advance Queensland

    The Advance Queensland program aims to build on our competitive strengths, diversify our economy and create the knowledge-based jobs of the future. Advance Queensland is driving innovation-led economic growth through increased collaboration between government, industry and research organisations.

    Aerospace is an industry that has global growth potential and there is an opportunity for it to be a major contributor to jobs and the economy.

    Further information

    View further information about the priority industry roadmaps or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 07 3452 7241.

  • Biofutures

    Biofutures refers to the industrial biotechnology and bioproducts sector. This sector focuses on developing and manufacturing products from sustainable organic or waste resources, rather than fossil fuels. It encompasses a range of innovative scientific and industrial technologies designed to convert sustainable feedstocks or waste into bioproducts.

    Agriculture, plantation forestry, algae, green-waste, biosolids and other carbon-rich 'waste' streams are sources of feedstocks that could contribute to a wide range of sustainable chemicals, fuels, detergents and textiles.

    Bioproducts offer a renewable and environmentally beneficial alternative to conventional chemical and fossil fuel refining processes. Many of the potential feedstocks are the by-products of agricultural processes or waste products that would otherwise require disposal or combustion.

    Our vision is for a $1 billion sustainable and export-oriented industrial biotechnology and bioproducts sector, attracting significant international investment and creating regional, high-value and knowledge-intensive jobs.

    The Queensland Government is leading Australia's bio-economic revolution through the Advance Queensland Biofutures 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan (PDF icon 1.2 MB)

    The Biofutures Roadmap provides the leadership required to help Queensland leverage its strategic advantages and secure its share of the global bioproducts and services market – a market expected to be worth US$1.1 trillion by 2022.

    We're working in partnership with Queensland's world-leading agriculture and waste industries and the research sector to ensure the actions we're undertaking in our Biofutures program grow the state's emerging industrial biotechnology and bioproducts sector into a $1 billion industry by 2026.

    Queensland Waste to Biofutures Fund

    The fund provides $5 million in 2019 to support the development of waste to biofutures projects in Queensland. It provides targeted grants for pilot and demonstration or commercially scalable projects in Queensland that use conventional waste streams or biomass to produce bioenergy, biofuels and high-value bioproducts.

    Queensland Resource Recovery Industry Development Program

    In June 2018, the Queensland Government announced a $100 million funding program to work with businesses and local councils to develop a high-value resource recovery industry.

    The funding will focus on three areas:

    • infrastructure or machinery up to $5 million on a dollar-for-dollar basis
    • incentives for the development of new large-scale facilities
    • support for advanced feasibility studies for innovative resource recovery and waste management projects.

    The program is now open.

    Market capabilitiy analysis and assessment

    Queensland Biomass Data and Mapping

    Looking for the latest information on biomass feedstock for your project in Queensland?

    Data on forestry, cropping, urban waste, intensive livestock, food processing and horticulture is available through our Queensland biomass data and mapping dashboard.

    Biofutures Industry Envoy

    Professor Ian O'Hara was appointed as Queensland's inaugural Biofutures Industry Envoy in December 2016, spearheading the industry's drive into the Asia-Pacific.

    Key initiatives

    Funding of almost $20 million over three years has been approved to implement the Road Map and Action Plan including:
    Icon image

    Biofutures Industry Development Fund

    Icon image

    Biofutures Commercialisation Program

    Icon image

    Biofutures Acceleration Program

    Icon image

    Biofutures Queensland


    Biofutures Industry Development Fund, a repayable fund to help well-advanced industrial biotech proponents to get large-scale projects through the final stage of financial due diligence to secure financing from investors.

    A Biofutures Commercialisation Program to attract national or international bioindustrial expertise to partner with Queensland researchers and/or businesses to scale-up and prototype new or improved industrial biotech and processes at the pilot or demonstration scale in Queensland.

    A Biofutures Acceleration Program to attract and support the development of new biorefinery projects in Queensland.

    Biofutures Queensland, a dedicated unit in the Queensland Government that works across government, industry and the research sectors to drive development, investment and R&D in Queensland's industrial biotech and bioproducts sector.

    R&D capability and contacts guide

    To help maximise the potential for new biofutures research collaboration and investment opportunities in Queensland, the government has produced a bioindustrial R&D contacts and capability guide for Queensland universities. The guide aims to showcase our state's capabilities to national and international biofutures proponents.

    Read more and access the full list from the Advance Queensland website (Excel icon 551 KB).

    Queensland biofuels mandates

    The Queensland biofuel mandates are a step towards growing our biofuels and wider industrial biotech and bioproducts industry. The mandates will provide certainty so the industry can invest, innovate and create jobs as part of a cleaner, greener future for Queensland. A flourishing biofuels industry will also create the foundation for a new high value biomanufacturing industry.

    Check if your vehicle is E10 compatible and learn more about the Queensland biofuel mandates.

    Stay informed

    Send us your details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive information as it is released or to share your industrial biotech or bioproducts industry good news story with our team.

    Follow the department on social media to stay up to date on the latest industrial biotech and bioproducts industry news, events and resources.

    View related biotech and bioproducts industry programs on the Advance Queensland website.

    Since launching our 10-year roadmap, we have directly supported new biofutures projects, including proposals for nine new or expanded biorefineries. View our key biofutures achievements (PDF icon 362 KB)

  • As part of the Queensland Government's commitment to diversify and strengthen our state's economy and create high-value, knowledge-based jobs, the Queensland Biomedical 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan (PDF icon 1.2 MB) sets out a $4 million program to support and attract biomedical enterprises.

    Our vision

    By 2027, Queensland will be a regionally integrated and globally competitive Asia-Pacific biomedical industry hub recognised for its excellence in biomedical innovation, highly skilled professional workforce, and world-leading translational biomedical research facilities.

    Queensland's biomedical industry contributes $1.44 billion to the state economy and employs more than 9000 people, with the potential to grow by almost 40% and deliver up to 3000 new jobs by 2027.

    However, the industry face challenges, such as accessing crucial investment, expertise and collaborative opportunities. The roadmap responds to the industry's request for assistance accessing the capital, skills and resources it needs to commercialise new products and compete in global markets.

    Key initiatives

    • The Biomedical Assistance Fund is a $2 million program that will open doors for Queensland biomedical enterprises to access the tens of billions of dollars available in government grants and private investment by supporting with preparation of investment documentation, advising on capital raising, and other assistance.
    • The Queensland Biomedical launchpad will take a group of biomedical enterprises through an intensive program of mentoring on developing, validating and implementing their ideas.
    • The biomedical voucher program is providing national and international biomedical companies access to Queensland's biomedical infrastructure and capabilities.
    • A program of business-to-business collaboration and information sharing initiatives will help connect biomedical enterprises with the skills and knowledge they need to grow.

    The Queensland Biomedical 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan is part of the Queensland Government's $420 million Advance Queensland initiative to create knowledge-based jobs of the future for Queenslanders.

    Further information

    Funding and support available (PDF icon 5.7 MB) for biomedical businesses through the Australian and Queensland governments to help you develop your innovation and grow your business.

    For more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • The department has developed six industry roadmaps as part of the Queensland Government's Advance Queensland program.

    To build our competitive strengths, diversify our economy and create the knowledge-based jobs of the future, Advance Queensland is driving innovation-led economic growth through increased collaboration between government, industry and research organisations.

    Several emerging and priority sectors with global growth potential have been identified. We are working closely with industry to develop these 10-year roadmaps and action plans for each sector.

    Advanced manufacturing





    Mining equipment, technology and services (METS)

  • Showcasing the future of manufacturing in Queensland

    We're supporting Queensland’s manufacturers and helping them remain globally competitive. Our 10-year plan is designed to increase the adoption of leading-edge design, innovation, technologies, processes and practices.

    Inside Advanced Manufacturing was a week-long series of advanced manufacturing showcase events that took place across Queensland during May 2019.

    A selection of Queensland’s top manufacturers opened their doors to other manufacturers and demonstrated their innovative manufacturing techniques and technologies in practice.

    As part of the Inside Advanced Manufacturing initiative, three videos featuring the advanced manufacturing and technologies from iOrthotics, Protonautics, and Visy have been produced in partnership with the Gateway to Industry Schools Program for students interested in pursuing a career in manufacturing.




    Further information

    For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Queensland has a world-leading METS sector. It employs 20,000 people across Queensland, with $7 billion revenue and $2.5 billion in value add for our economy.

    We want to take our world-class METS expertise to new markets - locally and internationally. Queensland has a history of excellence in METS capabilities, from digital solutions and safety to technology and mine site rehabilitation. We’re working with the METS industry to help improve competitiveness, productivity and sustainability, and to improve access to national and international markets.

    Our 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan (PDF icon 5.25 MB) is about accelerating the sector’s growth. We’re focused on collaboration and opportunities to bring innovative ideas to market, with $7 million worth of initiatives. Many of these are delivered in partnership with METS Ignited, the Australian Government’s Industry Growth Centre for METS. This industry-led growth centre works to improve METS competitiveness and productivity. It also promotes capability, both locally and internationally.

    Collaborative business opportunities

    We’re partnering with leading businesses and research bodies to improve collaboration in the METS sector. By strengthening operations, innovative products and services can reach the market sooner.

    We’re bringing businesses and researchers together through our METS clustering initiative. Building partnerships and sharing knowledge will bring about more rapid technological change. Together, we can address complex industry challenges enhancing productivity and efficiency.

    Our cluster program has already launched in the Bowen Basin. This region has a long-standing history of future-focused mining solutions. The cluster program will help drive further innovation and increase market growth at a faster pace than ever before.

    Innovation and commercialisation

    Our accelerator programs equip emerging METS businesses with the right skills to commercialise ideas. This allows businesses to get a competitive edge in the market.

    The programs – delivered with METS Ignited – are designed for start-ups and scale-ups. These are companies that already have proven solutions to mining sector challenges. Mentoring from industry experts builds capability, accelerating commercial outcomes. Businesses come away with an increased ability to deliver their innovative new products and services to domestic and global markets sooner.

    Supporting development for global markets

    Global demand for commodities is expected to grow. This growth will provide long-term opportunities for Queensland’s METS sector. We partner with Trade and Investment Queensland to help our METS businesses go global.

    Global resource companies operating in Queensland are supported by many small and medium enterprises. These international companies give local METS businesses the chance to develop and test the market here first. This way, products and services may become part of global supply chains.

    Further information

    For more information and program announcements, follow us on LinkedIn or contact the METS team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • As part of the Advance Queensland program several of Queensland's industry sectors were identified as emerging priority industries to be supported by the government to build their competitive strengths and create the knowledge-based jobs of the future.

    The priority industries to be targeted include:

    To assist these industries to realise their potential and become major contributors to jobs and the economy, the department is developing a series of industry roadmaps which will guide how industry and government can work together to grow these industries for the next 10 years.

    These roadmaps and their supporting action plans will be developed through extensive consultation in conjunction with industry, investment and research partners as well as the Queensland public.

  • With the 2016 Defence White Paper and a rapid technological change occurring in Australia’s defence sector, our nation is seeing a once-in-a-lifetime surge in defence investment. The Queensland Government is committed to ensuring our state’s defence industries can take maximum advantage of this opportunity and cement their place as Australia’s next generation defence supplier.

    The Queensland Defence Industries 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan (PDF icon 5.7 MB), part of the Advance Queensland initiative, is our plan to support growth in this sector. It builds on the momentum generated by the recent decisions to base large-scale and technologically advanced projects, such as LAND400 Phase 2 and the Defence Cooperative Research Centre for Trusted Autonomous Systems, here in our state.

    Our vision under the Roadmap is to significantly increase defence revenue and generate 3500 new full-time jobs by 2028. This will be achieved through a range of actions across three strategies:

    • grow Queensland defence industry capability
    • significantly increase Queensland’s defence industry contribution to the national and global market
    • promote Queensland’s defence industry capabilities

    Key actions include:

    • the creation of Defence Jobs Queensland to grow the state’s defence industry and enable delivery of the key strategies and priority actions
    • establishing defence advisory boards of senior defence and industry personnel
    • committing $10 million to defence industry hubs in Ipswich and Townsville
    • establishing a Defence and Aerospace Industry Development Fund to help Queensland small-to-medium enterprises get the skills and accreditations needed to compete in the global marketplace
    • engaging with the Australian Defence Organisation and industry to attract major defence projects to Queensland.

    Queensland defence industries at a glance

    • Employs more than 6500 people
    • Generated $6.3 billion in revenue in 2015-16
    • Secured $4.3 billion in Australian defence contract payments in 2016-17
    • World-class capabilities in:
      • aerospace support
      • ship repair and overhaul
      • heavy vehicle support and upgrades
      • command and control systems
      • reconnaissance and surveillance systems
      • unmanned vehicles
      • cyber security.
  • Queensland’s beautiful coastline and world-class marine environments are the envy of the world, and one of our state’s leading tourism attractions. These advantages, along with our skilled workforce and excellent marine infrastructure, make us a prime location for superyacht activity.

    The Queensland Superyacht Strategy 2018-23 (PDF icon 2 MB) sets out our support for growing this high-value industry.

    The Superyacht Strategy envisions that by 2023 Queensland’s share of the global superyacht sector will have increased by 10% and that Queensland will be recognised as the key superyacht hub in the Asia Pacific region. This growth would create thousands of new highly-skilled jobs across the state and contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to our state’s economy.

    The strategy sets out four priority action areas:

    • supportive, clear and well-communicated policy
    • promote infrastructure to facilitate industry growth
    • promote Queensland as a global superyacht destination
    • support and develop Queensland’s superyacht supply chain.

    What is a superyacht?

    In Australia, superyachts are luxury vessels with a master and crew, carrying 12 guests or fewer (not including staff) and with a minimum length of 24 metres. Superyachts do not carry cargo.

    The superyacht industry encompasses leisure and charter vessels and their global supply chains.

    Superyacht Industry Development Fund

    The Superyacht Industry Development Fund offers support to small and medium businesses supplying to, or with the potential to supply to, the superyacht industry. One round will run each year, with applications assessed competitively.

    Small-to-medium enterprises interested in accessing the superyacht industry can receive matched funding of up to $19,000 per year. These funds go toward industry certifications, attending international trade shows and bringing international delegations to Queensland to promote their capabilities.

    Funding recipients to date:

    • Gold Coast City Marina and Shipyard (Coomera)
    • Rivergate Marina and Shipyard (Murrarie)
    • Abell Point Marina (Airlie Beach)
    • Seaspec Marine Services (Coomera)
    • Trinity Fire Services (Cairns)
    • Carter Marine Agencies (Cairns)

    Find out more about the SIDF (PDF icon 431 KB) or view our frequently asked questions (PDF icon 278 KB) or funding guidelines (PDF icon 657 KB).

    Superyacht Strategy Champion

    Mr Michael Healy MP, Member for Cairns, is the Queensland Government’s Superyacht Strategy Champion

    Mr Michael Healy MP, Member for Cairns, is the Queensland Government’s Superyacht Strategy Champion. In this role, he works across the state to assist with implementing the actions contained in the Superyacht Strategy.

    Further information

    We’re committed to fostering emerging and priority industry sectors with global growth potential. Sectors like the superyacht industry help to diversify our state’s economy and create the knowledge-based jobs of the future. Find out about Queensland’s other priority industry sectors.

  • Resource recovery is a great opportunity for Queensland. It will:

    • reduce waste
    • cut greenhouse gas emissions
    • create better environmental outcomes
    • build a more sustainable economy to create jobs and economic benefits.

    Queensland is moving toward a circular economy. Our Queensland Resource Recovery Industries 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan (PDF icon1.8 MB) sets out our framework to accelerate this transition and develop our state's resource recovery industries.

    The roadmap sets out a path to:

    • increase resource recovery rates
    • improve adoption of modern technologies
    • divert landfill waste toward more valuable uses.

    To support our state’s recycling, resource recovery, and biofutures industries, the roadmap includes a $100 million Resource Recovery Industry Development Program (RRIDP) (PDF icon 982 KB). The program funds projects and initiatives that divert waste from landfill, reduce stockpiling and create jobs.

    Read more about the opportunities available for financial support.

    Frequently asked questions

    How do the Queensland Government's waste and resource recovery strategies, plans and policies work together?

    What is resource recovery?

    Who is involved in the resource recovery industry?

    What are the benefits of resource recovery?

    How will the Queensland Government and industry work together to grow resource recovery industry businesses?

    How can I or my business get involved or stay informed?

    What is the 'circular economy' for waste?

    What is a 'zero-waste society'?

  • The $100 million Resource Recovery Industry Development Program (RRIDP) (PDF icon 982 KB) supports our goal to make Queensland a world leader in recovery projects. It provides funding to Queensland’s resource recovery industries through support for projects and initiatives that divert waste from landfill, reduce stockpiling and create jobs.

    Funding is available to local governments, established businesses and not-for-profits looking to use proven resource recovery technologies to improve existing operations or bring significant new facilities to Queensland. Applications are also welcome from consortia offering integrated supply chain solutions.

    Funding proposals may be operations or facilities anywhere along the entire supply chain—from collection and transfer to sorting and remanufacture—as well as waste to energy.

    Read more about the Resource Recovery Industry Development Program (PDF icon 982 KB).

    The program supports the direction of the Transforming Queensland’s Recycling and Waste Industry Directions Paper.

    Funding opportunities

    There are three steams of funding available under the RRIDP. They are:

    • Stream one: provides dollar-for-dollar capital grants from $50,000 to $5 million for facilities and infrastructure projects that align with the RRIDP and its objectives.

      Round 2 expressions of interest have now closed. Successful recipients will be announced once applications have been assessed.

      Announcements are continuing regarding Round 1 funded projects.

    • Stream two: provides incentives to attract or expand major resource recovery operations that will divert significant amounts of waste from landfill, reduce or prevent stockpiling and recover substantial resources. Applications include a two-staged process beginning with an expression of interest that can be made at any time.

    • Stream three: provides support toward capital intensive, long lifecycle projects that require a contribution towards investigations to assist with investment decisions for Queensland. Applications include a single-stage process with applications accepted at any time.

    Contact us

    More information, including questions about applications, is available by contacting the project team on 13 QGOV or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • The rapid commercial development of space technologies – along with an increased demand for space-based services across the global economy – has driven the creation of a new, commercially orientated, space industry: Space 2.0.

    Our state is in a prime position to rapidly grow our space economy. Along with strong supporting industries like aerospace and advanced manufacturing, our space industry has leading strengths in:

    • space-enabled services, particularly earth observation data analytics
    • space systems, particularly robotics and automation technology for application in space, and niche manufacturing
    • ground systems, building on existing industry capabilities and our favourable location for satellite coverage of the eastern seaboard of Australia and the Western Pacific
    • launch activities, including our favourable location on the east coast of Australia.

    Read more about Queensland's space industry capabilities (PDF icon 1 MB).

    Space is already part of our plan. The Queensland Aerospace 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan (PDF icon 7.3 MB) was released in June 2018. This plan sets out our vision for the state's aerospace industry, including space.

    Sky is not the limit: Building Queensland’s space economy

    To get a better picture of the opportunities a space industry offers for Queensland, in 2018 we commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to map out the current state of play in our state’s space sector. That report, Sky is not the limit: Building Queensland’s space economy (PDF icon 6.3 MB), provides key insights and reflections on growing our space sector. It found that Queensland has a niche but globally competitive space industry, with strong research partners and significant opportunity for future growth.

    Our state has competitive advantages in the space systems, launch, ground systems, space-enabled services and R&D parts of the supply chain. The Deloitte report also found that the we can boost the growth of our space industry and its benefits across the Queensland economy by strengthening its connections with the state’s traditional and emerging powerhouse industries.

    Reference group

    In June 2018, the Queensland Space Industry Reference Group (QSIRG) was established. This group helps guide the development of Queensland's space industry. It's chaired by Queensland's Strategic Defence Advisor for Aerospace, Air Vice-Marshal Neil Hart (retd) and includes:

    • senior executives from aerospace multinationals with a base in Queensland
    • entrepreneurs from the state's next generation of space-related SMEs
    • senior executives and academics from Queensland's leading universities and research organisations.

    Space inquiry

    Following the Australian Government's establishment of the Australian Space Agency, the Queensland Parliament tasked the State Development, Natural Resources and Agricultural Industry Development Committee to investigate space industry opportunities for Queensland.

    The committee held public hearings and engaged with stakeholders across Queensland. The consultations included aerospace multinationals, space start-ups and SMEs, universities, and government agencies.

    The Queensland Government response to the committee’s recommendations was tabled on 28 May 2019. The government accepted, in whole or in principle, all 15 of the committee’s recommendations.

    Learn more about the Queensland Parliament Space Inquiry.

    Next steps and Current work

    We’re developing a Queensland space industry strategy, bringing together all the work done to date and setting out the path forward.

    We’re also investigating demand for Australian launch services, in partnership with Austrade, the Australian Space Agency and other state governments.