About the Priority Development Area

The Bowen Hills Priority Development Area (PDA) was declared on 28 March 2008. The PDA helps us plan and develop this significant urban renewal area.


The Bowen Hills PDA is located three kilometres from the Brisbane CBD. It covers 108 hectares of land in the Brisbane inner-northern suburb of Bowen Hills.

The PDA is bound by:

  • Bowen Bridge Road and Enoggera Creek to the west
  • Mayne Rail Yards and Breakfast Creek to the north
  • Water Street and St Pauls Terrace to the south
  • Breakfast Creek, Cintra Road and Markwell Street to the east.

Landmarks within the PDA include the Brisbane Showgrounds, the Old Museum, Perry Park, Bowen Park, the Exhibition Railway Station, and the Bowen Hills Railway Station.

Significance of the PDA

The Bowen Hills PDA is an important part of our strategy to support population and employment growth in Brisbane, enhancing the lifestyle of the state’s capital city. EDQ reviewed the development scheme to ensure it will continue to be effective as the overarching planning document for the area.

The PDA provides for the long-term growth potential of around 23,000 new homes and one million square meters of commercial, retail and industrial floor space for new business investment and employment generating services.

Adoption of Bowen Hills PDA Development Scheme

The Bowen Hills PDA Development Scheme first became effective on 3 July 2009 and was amended on 1 April 2010 and 21 June 2019.

The Bowen Hills PDA Development Scheme (PDF icon 4.8 MB), as amended, was approved by the Queensland Government and came into effect on 21 June 2019.

You can also view the Bowen Hills PDA Development Scheme e-plan.

Public notification of the proposed Bowen Hills PDA Development Scheme amendment no. 2 was held in late 2018.

During the submission period, all interested parties, including the community, residents and business operators, were invited to view the proposed amendment and make a written submission to the Minister for Economic Development Queensland (MEDQ).

A submissions report (PDF icon 422 KB) summarises these submissions and amendments.


The Bowen Hills PDA Development Charges and Offset Plan (PDF icon 2.9 MB) accompanies the PDA development scheme. It identifies relevant development charges, how they’re calculated, levied and administered, and the trunk infrastructure required to service the PDA.

You can also view the Bowen Hills PDA Infrastructure Plan Background Report (PDF icon 35 MB).

Assessing development applications

Development assessment in the Bowen Hills PDA is conducted by Economic Development Queensland (EDQ). Development applications are assessed against the current development scheme.

View details of PDA development applications that have been lodged within the Bowen Hills PDA.

Bowen Hills Interim Land Use Plan

The Bowen Hills Interim Land Use Plan (ILUP) was in effect until the development scheme was completed. The ILUP has now been superseded by the development scheme.

Community consultation

EDQ has engaged with the Bowen Hills community since 2016. View community consultation activities and frequently asked questions on the Bowen Hills PDA Have Your Say page.