Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) is a leader in planning, building and infrastructure innovations. EDQ has a dedicated innovations team, which engages across government, industry and university sectors to help deliver EDQ projects, facilitate external projects, influence/deliver government policy outcomes, influence research, and assist in creating sustainable business models.

The innovations team examines future trends that will likely impact on planning and development and then seek to turn this ‘blue sky’ thinking into demonstration ‘on the horizon’ EDQ development and planning projects.’ The ultimate goal is to maximise planning and development innovation opportunities to improve the lives of Queenslanders.

Innovation areas EDQ are facilitating include:

  • Smart renewal cities – solar homes, micro grids, urban modelling
  • Innovative transport – Queensland electric vehicle strategy, creating an electric vehicle super highway
  • Knowledge economy – planning and development projects
  • Innovative housing and urban design – diverse housing and lot design.