Declared in 2003, the 4915-hectare Townsville State Development Area (SDA) is a defined area of land dedicated for industrial development. It is located about six kilometres south-east of the Townsville CBD and two kilometres south of the Port of Townsville.

Situated at the junction of the national road network (Bruce and Flinders Highways), with direct connections to major rail networks and the Port of Townsville, the Townsville SDA is positioned to be the preferred location in North Queensland for the establishment of industrial development of regional, state and National significance.

The Townsville SDA supports economic development and job creation in a way that manages environmental, cultural and social issues as well as considering existing industry and surrounding infrastructure within the region.


Enhanced development scheme for the Townsville SDA

A new and improved development scheme came into effect in May 2019 following a comprehensive review by the Coordinator-General to encourage development activity and stimulate economic growth and job creation for the greater Townsville region. The review considered previous studies as well as updated technical analyses relevant to flooding and infrastructure, updated environmental constraints mapping and input from stakeholders and the community.

The resulting development scheme streamlines assessment processes and provides clarity around expected development outcomes.

Key changes to the development scheme include:

View a copy of the enhanced Townsville State Development Area Development Scheme (PDF icon 800 KB).

The Townsville SDA is open for business

The Townsville SDA is positioned to meet the needs of large-scale projects as evidenced by the major industries that are established within the SDA. The Townsville SDA is currently home to:

New industries considered suitable for the Townsville SDA include a diverse range of port, rail, and road dependent industries such as:

Benefits of the Townsville SDA

The Townsville SDA provides benefits to business and industry looking to invest in Queensland including:

The Townsville SDA Development Scheme

The Townsville State Development Area Development Scheme (PDF icon 804 KB) is a regulatory document that controls planning and development within the Townsville SDA.

First approved by the Governor in Council in 2005, the development scheme has been amended numerous times. The current version was approved in May 2019.

The development scheme contains a development assessment framework for making, assessing and deciding applications and requests relating to development within the Townsville SDA. The most common of these is an SDA application for a material change of use.

The development scheme for the Townsville SDA is supported by a public consultation policy (PDF icon 86 KB) that provides information on matters the Coordinator-General may consider when determining whether public consultation of an SDA application is required.

The Townsville SDA maps and targeted land use precincts


Acceleration of the Townsville SDA

Townsville SDA success story – Aurizon Stuart Intermodal Facility

Land ownership

Further information

For further information on the Townsville SDA, contact the SDA Division on 1800 001 048 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.