Pre-lodgement meeting

It is strongly recommended that, before lodging an application for a 'coordinated project' declaration, project proponents schedule a pre-lodgement meeting with the Office of the Coordinator-General (OCG).

Ideally, the meeting should be held at least four weeks before the application is lodged.

Purpose of meeting

The pre-lodgement meeting is intended to clarify application requirements, thereby preventing any unnecessary delays to the Coordinator-General's consideration of the application and potential declaration of the project.

It is also intended to initiate discussion of environmental impact assessment timeframes and the quality of the information necessary to properly assess the impacts of the proposed project.

Pre-lodgement meetings are not intended to pre-empt the Coordinator-General's final decision on an application for a coordinated project declaration.

Topics of discussion

Pre-lodgement meetings are an opportunity for the proponent and OCG to discuss, among other things:

Record of meeting

Meeting notes will be taken by a representative of the OCG and a summary will be forwarded to the proponent.

Free, no obligation

Pre-lodgement meetings are free and do not oblige a proponent to subsequently lodge an application for a coordinated project declaration.

Request a meeting

Contact the Office of the Coordinator-General to request a pre-lodgement meeting.