Infrastructure Australia plays an important role in prioritising nationally important infrastructure. In 2015, Infrastructure Australia audited national and northern Australian infrastructure to create the Australian Infrastructure Plan.

The second Australian infrastructure audit is scheduled for 30 June 2019. This audit will:

We coordinate Queensland's whole-of-government submissions to Infrastructure Australia, including priority infrastructure projects.

Australian Infrastructure Plan

The Australian Infrastructure Plan sets out our infrastructure challenges and opportunities over the next 15 years. It also highlights solutions to drive growth, maintain and enhance our standard of living, and ensure our cities remain world class.

Many of the plan’s recommendations align with Queensland's approach to smarter infrastructure planning and investment from our own State Infrastructure Plan.

The Australian Government provided a response to the plan. This response supported 69 of the recommendations. It also announced four initiatives:

Infrastructure Priority List

Infrastructure Australia also publishes the Infrastructure Priority List. This list of nationally significant investments is made up of:

Each listing includes broad timeframes and usually remains on the list until major construction contracts have been awarded. For initiatives, these timeframes indicate when the problem is likely to impact national productivity. These timeframes are:

The list is updated as proposals move through stages of development and delivery. It also responds to emerging challenges and opportunities. An annual list is published, including new infrastructure initiatives submitted by state and territory governments.

View the 2019 infrastructure priority list.

Queensland projects on the list include:

Queensland also has four High Priority Initiatives on the list:

We’re working with Infrastructure Australia and the Australian Government to progress Queensland’s infrastructure priorities and ensure important initiatives and projects are included on the list.

View the latest infrastructure priority list.