This process offers a pathway for complex private sector commercial proposals to seek an exclusive mandate with government. These proposals must provide a service or deliver infrastructure that aligns with Queensland Government priorities and demonstrate a strong potential of being delivered.

Proposals are to include a role for government and must provide additional benefits to government and/or the Queensland community. They need to demonstrate value for money for Queensland and must present a clear justification as to why they should be considered under an exclusive arrangement as opposed to procurement through a competitive process.

An exclusive transaction must:

Assessment criteria

A proposal must satisfy the following assessment criteria:

Investment alignment

Investment proposals are to align with the Queensland Government’s priorities. Proposals that contribute directly to the achievement of these priorities will be highly regarded. For more information on the Queensland Government’s priorities, please visit Our Future State: Advancing Queensland’s Priorities

Exclusive dealing

The Queensland Government usually conducts a competitive process when procuring goods and services or making government assets available. However, an exclusive transaction provides investors with the opportunity to contract directly with the government if it can be clearly justified the investment is in the best interests of the public.

Value for money

A proposal must demonstrate that it represents good value for money. Value for money is achieved when the outcomes and benefits from the project are clearly of greater value than the risk and cost of what is being sought from government.

Proposals are expected to have an acceptable cost/risk allocation for government.

An investment proposal that seeks to attribute project risk or cost to government will have to demonstrate significant benefits to Queensland, in proportion to the level of risk and cost proposed.

Investment ready

An investor must demonstrate that they have the financial capacity and technical capability to deliver the proposal successfully. Government will evaluate:

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