March 2020

Urgent amendments to Queensland's planning legislation were passed in March 2020 by Queensland Parliament to address concerns raised by a range of stakeholders, including local government and industry, in response to the COVID-19. The changes included:

The Economic Development Act 2012 was amended to make applicable events and declared uses under the Planning Act 2016 apply in Priority Development Areas (PDAs).

June 2020

The Economic Development COVID-19 Emergency Response Regulation 2020 (ED COVID-19 Regulation) commenced on 26 June 2020 and expires on 31 December 2020 – the ‘response period’. The new legislation is in response to issues arising from COVID-19 modifies the requirements for public notification of PDA development applications and for the viewing of planning and development related documents.

The provisions of the ED COVID-19 Regulation modify the Economic Development Act 2012 during the 'response period' by:

Similar modifications have been made to the Planning Act 2016 by the Planning COVID-19 Emergency Response Regulation 2020.

Public inspection and purchase of hard copy documents

Additional notification options

Temporary use licences

Extension or suspension of planning framework timeframes

More information

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